Brand : Cap Retraite

Project Description

Cap Retraite is the first service in France providing assistance in finding a retirement home. It advises and directs families and socio-medical professionals to help them find spaces in retirement homes, Ephad institutions or senior residences.

The result ?

A 395% increase of the number of “likes”, going from 1403 in June of 2016 to 6936 in May of 2017.

The engagement rate also increased by 438 %, with an engagement number of 3354 for posts in May of 2017, compared to 623 in June of 2016.

Services Provided for Cap Retraite

Creating a Social Media strategy and monitoring the brand’s Facebook page:

  • Competitive benchmarking
  • Strategic social media consulting
  • Publishing two Facebook publications per day
  • Boosting advertizing with Facebook Ads
  • KPI reporting and monitoring

Examples of Facebook Publications